Our Products

  • Beef

    All our beef products are selected from the finest cattle from natural sustainable environments including Sussex and Southern England.

  • Lamb

    Fresh succulent lamb products available throughout the year including lamb grazed on the South Downs.

  • Pork

    Our range of Pork is sourced from the finest establishments around the UK and the South of England to satisfy all our customers requirements

  • Poultry

    A varied range of high quality poultry, delivered fresh daily to include free range and corn fed.

  • Veal

    Our buyer at Swandean. Sources both British and Dutch Veal reared from high standard animal welfare.

  • Game

    We can supply fresh locally sourced game products which are readily available including venison.

  • Gammon / Bacon

    Swandean comprehensive range of both gammon & bacon, sourced mainly from the UK includes special cured.

  • Sausages / Provisions

    Swandeans range of delicious high quality wide variety sausages includes the everyone favourite Cumberland.

  • To discuss our products or to talk with one of our experienced experts then please get in touch. Every customer is different and we tailor our products specifically to your meet your needs and the needs of your business