Our Products

  • Beef

    Swandean range of beef product selected from the finest cattle from natural sustainable environments.

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  • Lamb

    Fresh succulent lamb products available throughout the year including lamb grazed on the South Downs.

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  • Pork

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    The Swandean range of pork produced to satisfy our customers.


  • Poultry

    A varied range of high quality poultry, delivered fresh daily to include free range and corn fed.

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  • Veal

    Our buyer at Swandean. Sources both British and Dutch Veal reared from high standard animal welfare.

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  • Game

    We can supply fresh locally sourced game products which are readily available including venison.

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  • Gammon / Bacon

    Swandean comprehensive range of both gammon & bacon, sourced mainly from the UK includes special cured.

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  • Sausages / Provisions

    Swandeans range of delicious high quality wide variety sausages includes the everyone favourite Cumberland.

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