About Us

Established in 1966 and still “family owned”, our wealth of experience sees us firmly established as a company known for Quality, Service and an uncompromising attitude to detail…. three major ingredients that when added to your own recipe will ensure an enjoyable eating experience for your customer.

Our Products

Consistency of quality is paramount in ensuring our customers satisfaction, and quality is our benchmark. Consistent quality is achieved by purchasing from selected suppliers who have proven to us over the years that they aspire to the same levels of consistency as ourselves. For those who wish to purchase outside of the “Swandean Select” range of products,established supply chains are in situation for those wanting to promote locally sourced or red tractor derived products. Whichever your preference you are assured of a fresh wholesome product with farm to fork traceability should it be required.

Our Premises

Operating from purpose built premises our facilities either meet or exceed the requirements of our main governing bodies. With separate refrigerated areas for boxed meat, fresh meat, poultry, delli products and frozen goods, these facilities along with segregated order production areas for meat and poultry sees your order being prepared within the safest possible environment. Our affiliation to both the N.A.C.B. and the F.S.A. governing bodies ensures that we are kept abreast of all new developments with regards to food health and safety legislation. Along with regular anti bacterial and water tests and two very stringent yearly inspections we believe you could not purchase from a finer, safer source.

(Lesser unaffiliated suppliers of meat and poultry will never be able to afford you and your customer this level of protection)

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